Curiosities of January 4,…

These are some of the curiosities that I have found on January 4, and you can see them right away in order of year.

A day like today but from:

sputnik 11882 – The Galician newspaper La Voz de Galicia appears for the first time.
1904 – The first aeronautics laboratory is created in Spain.
1933 – A fire destroys the French liner Atlantic while sailing along the French coast.

1936 – The New York magazine The Billboard publishes the first hit parade in the world.
1954 – Elvis Presley records his first album.
1958 – The Soviet artificial satellite Sputnik 1 disintegrates in the atmosphere. (You can see it in the photo above)
1990 – In London a child is born after a successful heart operation in his mother’s womb.