Curiosities of the movie “Armageddon”

Curiosities of the movie “Armageddon” – Curious Planet

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Armageddon movie

  • In a scene after the fight in the disco, several of the protagonists detained by the police appear in front of a fence in which a sign that says LOVE can be seen behind, this sign is the same one that appears in the video clip “Falling in love” by Aerosmith.
  • Curiously, the group sings the main theme of the film (I don’t want to miss a thing), the leader of the group is the father of Liv Tyler and Michael Bay directed the video clip for “Fallin in love”.
  • The Columbia Space Shuttle launch was filmed to allow the team to study angles, speed of footage, and other elements. To do this, they used 15 cameras, twelve of them located within the security zone, nine kilometers from the launch site.
  • Due to debts from previous works, Bruce Willis agreed with Disney to make three films with them in exchange for paying off the debt. The first was Armageddom, in which Willis also gave up 15% of that film’s box office. Had he not done so, Willis would have pocketed $45 million.
  • 50 foam tanks with a capacity of 495 liters each were used, as well as 200 foam ingots. Every day 44 plywood boards were used to create the 150 levels that the asteroid had.
  • Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck were the first civilians to enter the suspension tank of the Neutral Buoyancy Lab Space Center, with a depth of more than forty feet, twice as large as the world’s largest swimming pool. Each of them was submerged in the tank for about an hour.
  • The visual effects of the film were in the hands of 13 different companies.
  • The model of the asteroid was built on plate number two of the Walt Disney studios and it took three months to finish it, with 150 people working on its construction. The set is one of the largest in Hollywood and measures 42 meters long by 27 meters wide. The operators dug 9 meters into the ground to increase the distance between it and the ceiling, from 13.5 meters to almost 20, reaching a distance between both points of 22 meters.
  • Initially, Sean Connery was thought of as the protagonist of the film. Juan Manuel Martinez
    To play the character of Harry Stamper, director Michael Bay and producer Jerry Bruckheimer had to travel to Idaho to convince Bruce Willis.
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