Curiosities of the movie Spiderman 2 (Spider-Man)

Spiderman, Spider-Man 2– The song that the oriental girl sings with the violin about Spiderman is the original song from the cartoon series from the 60s.

– The landlord of Peter Parker Ditckovich is named after the comic book artist Steve Ditcko.

– Stan Lee appears rescuing a woman who is going to fall a piece of building, while Spiderman and Octopus fight on the heights of it.

– The usher who doesn’t let Peter Parker into the Mary Jane play is Bruce Campbell, the director’s fetish actor who also participated in the first part of “Spiderman” as the entertainer and presenter of the wrestling matches; This actor knows the director since college and has participated with Sam Raimi in films such as the “Infernal Possession” trilogy and in cameos such as in “Darkman” and in the series “Hercules” and “Xena” also produced by Sam Raimi.

– Robert De Niro was also considered to play Dr. Octopus.

– The character’s jumps are shot with the SpiderCam, a camera designed by Earl Wiggins to follow the movements of Spider-Man.

The two upper tentacles are designed for detailed work, while the bottom two are for standing, walking, and shredding.

– According to Marvel, each of the tentacles of Doctor Octopus can lift up to three tons.

– Just six weeks after finishing filming “Seabiscuit”, Tobey Maguire had to gain 10 kilos to fill out his Spider-Man suit.

– For Doctor Octopus a platform was created because in addition to his own movement, the tentacles move him completely. When he walks with the tentacles, they support all his weight, so a harness was built to move him in the air and simulate that the tentacles carried him.

spider man 2

– It took a year to create and design the Doctor Octopus costume.

35 new costumes were created for the film, with 100 small modifications from the original. 30 specialists invested three weeks of work to complete them.

– 15 weeks were invested in building the pier that measures 18 meters long, 36.5 meters wide and 12 meters high. Two more weeks at Universal Studios for the exterior of the Lyric Theatre. In total, more than 100 stages were decorated.

– Dr. Octopus’s tentacles actually weigh between 34 and 45 kilos, are four meters long, and are made up of 76 individual pieces.

– To play his role, Alfred Molina he had to get in shape with a private trainer, to be able to put up with all the paraphernalia.

– For back problems, Toby Maguire he was about to be replaced in his role by actor Jake Gyllenhaal.