Curious facts about the Chichen Itza pyramid in Mexico

The pyramid of Chichén Itzá is the most charismatic element of all this enormous Mayan archaeological site. A pre-Hispanic set that is found in the Yucatan Peninsula, that is, some of the most visited areas in all of Mexico, since the Riviera Maya is located there. On this occasion, We want to tell you some curious facts about the Chichen Itza pyramid.

We already warned you that if you visit the Riviera Maya you should not only dedicate yourself to its beaches, at least, You must reserve a day to discover all the magic and history of Chichen Itza.

How to get to Chichen Itza

For tourists traveling to the Riviera Maya, the easiest thing is to contract in their own hotels or resorts the trips that are scheduled to Chichen Itza. It is the least complicated and, of course, also the most expensive.

But those traveling with fewer resources can also organize the excursion themselves. You can take the buses that connect the site with such tourist places as Cancun or Playa del Carmen.

Curious facts about the Chichen Itza pyramid: it is one of the seven wonders

This Mayan site became part of the list of the 7 wonders of the modern world after being voted by countless people. And the justice of this award is understood when one enters this archaeological complex that scholars think it was a grandiose religious and ceremonial complex.

There are many remains that make up Chichen Itza. Some really spectacular, such as the Palace of the Warriors or the Temple of a Thousand Columns. Nevertheless, there is a construction that powerfully attracts attention. It is the pyramid of Kukulcanwhich, quite simply, is often called “El Castillo”.

The pyramid of Chichen Itza

To be fair, the Mayan name was pyramid of Kukulkanand it was the Spanish settlers who renamed it with its more Latin name of “El Castillo”.

But whatever you call her, when you stand before her you will be speechless. It is a work of truly unprecedented precision, if we take into account the technical means of the time.

In a construction so perfect they had to participate not only good stonemasons, but also mathematical experts, who mastered calculus and even astronomy. Because the pyramid of Chichen Itza, without a doubt, is a waste of wisdom. And we want to repeat it: do not miss it if you travel to the Riviera Maya.

The dimensions of the pyramid of Kukulkan

It is a pyramid with a square base that barely reaches 50 meters on each side.while its height does not reach 25. That is, they are not enormous dimensions if we compare it with other great pre-Hispanic pyramids in Mexico or Guatemala itself, not to mention the pyramids of Gizah.

However, and this is another of the curious facts about the Chichen Itza pyramid, its orientation and proportions are ideal for generating light phenomena related to the solar equinoxes.

In addition to that, each of the four faces has 91 steps. That is, 364 plus the one at the top. The number of days in the year. Namely, the pyramid of Chichen Itza was a kind of huge clock or calendar for the Mayans, who, like all ancient cultures, had to count the time for their agricultural work.

More ritual uses of the Chichen Itza pyramid

To that agricultural calendar we had to add the sacred one, which is also represented in the pyramid. Lovers of numerology and pre-Columbian beliefs will have a great time during the visitbeing able to count numerous elements that are reflected in the Mayan religion.

And if that was not enough, chambers for ritual uses have been found inside the pyramid of Chichen Itza. Both to serve as a tomb and to arrange the sacrifice of animals. To this we must add the different sculptures that archaeologists found here, such as those that represent the mythical jaguar.

“The wise traveler travels slower, but sees more.”

-Carlos Olmo-

Ultimately, what this pyramid, and in general the entire site, is an exciting visit. Therefore, we encourage you to discover for yourself all these curious facts about the Chichen Itza pyramid.

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