Curious Marine cleaning center

Marine Cleaning CenterThere are some differences between land and marine animals, and one such difference has to do with cleanliness. The difference is that marine animals cannot clean themselves, they cannot clean their skin by fighting parasites. That is why they go to “cleaning centers”. In each reef there is one, where other animals are in charge of this unique task. Whenever a fish needs that kind of help, it goes to one of those services and stands still while the service is provided. But how does a cleaning animal realize that another needs such a service?

Well, for this, the fish in need can change color as a sign that it requires that invaluable “service”.

This beautiful long-snouted butterfly fish is being “attended” by a shrimp that pecks at its parasites. Sometimes these shrimp clean the wounds of the fish by eating the dead tissue and facilitating healing. The audacity of the shrimp reaches such a point that they have been seen entering the mouth of the moray eels to clean its interior, beyond what one might believe the moray eel does not have any offensive attitude towards this little cleaner, perhaps its docility is based in the fact that you need him daily. Some small fish are also responsible for cleaning larger specimens.

Here exists that type of relationship, called “symbiosis”, in which the two individuals obtain a benefit. In such a way that in the sea we see that order that exists among the animals, each animal fulfills a specific function, and shows without a doubt that it was “Someone” who assigned each one their work within the ocean,… right? do you think? 😀