Da Nang’s Golden Bridge

The golden bridge either golden-bridge located in Vietnam has become in recent months one of its most modern attractions. A work that blends perfectly with its natural environment and exclusively conceived to attract attention. And without a doubt it succeeds, there is no traveler who is not amazed by its shape and also by the extraordinary views it offers of the surrounding mountains.

The Golden Bridge of the Ba Na Mountains

The Vietnamese Golden Bridge has as its closest city, the coastal town of Da Nang. Which is the great seaport in the center of the country. In fact, many cruise ships sailing through the waters of the South China Sea arrive here. So visit the golden-bridge and the fantasy park where it is located is one of the usual excursions for those cruise passengers.

However, it must be said that another of the very common excursions for cruise ships that dock in Da Nang is the beautiful town of Hoi An. One of the must see from Vietnam. So our advice is to travel slowly through this area of ​​the country so as not to miss anything. Neither the Golden Bridge, nor Hoi An, nor the city of Da Nang itself or the beaches of this coastline.

How is the Golden Bridge?

The Golden Bridge is a recent work and its appearance only makes sense if we see the boom tourism that is experiencing in recent years the Vietnamese territory. A country that is generating modern attractions to compete with other popular destinations in Southeast Asia such as Thailand or Singapore.

But what is this Golden Bridge? Well, it is actually nothing more than an overpass above the forest in the Ba Na mountains. An engineering work that poses a long board of more or less 150 meters that rises above the vegetation, from there to offer a vast panoramic view of the environment. But what is surprising is that this bridge seems to be supported by two hands.

Yes, its pillars are like two great sculptures of hands that support the Golden Bridge with their palms and their fingers grasp it. Two hands with a very organic aspect, since they simulate emerging from the very bowels of the earth to support such a spectacular viewpoint.

It is a work of engineering and the most modern, but it seems to integrate perfectly into the natural landscape. Because of those hands and also because the entire railing is decorated with natural flowers. Specifically a beautiful local variety of chrysanthemums. For all these reasons, the Golden Bridge of Vietnam deserves to be added to the list of spectacular bridges to visit.

How to get

We have already said that the Golden Bridge has been conceived as a modern tourist attraction. What does that mean? What is a paid attraction? It is integrated into a theme park very much to the Asian tasteand to get there you have to travel in an impressive cable car, which is included in the ticket.

We warn you that the height and the more than five kilometers of this cable car make it not suitable for those who suffer from vertigo. Without a doubt, if this is your case, you will have a bad time on board. You must decide if it compensates you for that bad drink to see the Golden Bridge and the neighboring landscaped spaces of Thien Thai Garden.

Our advice is that if your vertigo is severe, don’t even try it. But if you don’t suffer from an irremediable panic, the truth is that walking along the bridge, taking some photos and contemplating the views is a highly recommended experience.

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