Dark chocolate is good for the heart

chocolatesThe dark chocolate it is good for the heart. A few bites of dark chocolate a day may have the same benefit as aspirin in reducing blood clotting and preventing heart attacks, researchers say based on a study of chocolate lovers.

What these chocolate lovers have shown us is that the chemical in cocoa beans has a biochemical effect similar to that of aspirin in reducing blood platelet clumping,” said Dr. Diane Beckerteacher of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and lead author of this research, presented Tuesday night at the American Heart Association’s annual conference in Chicago.

Becker stressed that his study should not be seen as an encouragement to swallow kilos of chocolate-based candies, which also contain sugar and butter.

But medicine might instead recommend two tablespoons of dark chocolate a day, in its purest form, made from dried extracts of cocoa beans, he said.

Science has known for nearly two decades that flavonoid-rich dark chocolate lowers blood pressure and has other beneficial effects on blood circulation.

The results of this latest study show — unlike previous studies — that small doses of dark chocolate are enough to have anticoagulant effects and that it is not necessary to consume several kilograms to obtain these effects, Becker stressed.

»Eat a small piece of chocolate or drinking hot chocolate as part of a daily diet is probably good for your health as long as you don’t eat too much and, above all, you don’t eat chocolate mixed with butter and sugar,” the doctor recommended.