Dead Chicken Alley: the urban art of Berlin

One of the most unknown places in the German capital is Dead Chicken Alley. It is true that not many people know of its existence, but it is a site that does not go unnoticed by those who visit it. A characteristic of the city is urban and street art, present almost at every step, and Dead Chicken Alley is its greatest exponent. We tell you all the secrets of this peculiar point of Berlin.

What is Dead Chicken Alley

Dead Chicken Alley

Dead Chicken Alley is nothing but an alley. It emerged from a group of young people who called themselves “Los Pollos Muertos”. In Berlin there was a regulation that prohibited painting on the walls, so these guys bought this alley to be able to express their art.

At that time, just after the fall of the Wall, the city was in full expansion of street art and yearned for freedom. And Dead Chicken Alley gave the key to be able to do it.

This alley is a kind of open-air museum which lives on thanks to the contributions of many visitors. Even you can leave your sign, your message, your expression. In return, you just have to leave a small donation for the cause.

It is, without a doubt, a place unlike anything you have seen before. Even to everything you have been able to see in Berlin (where many places will leave you speechless). You can visit it hundreds of times, it doesn’t matter, every time you go you will discover something new.

Many of those who have been there say that it is really difficult to move forward. Everything will catch your eye and you will want to discover every corner without missing a thing. For this reason, we recommend that you go with time and be prepared to get lost.

Driving Directions to Dead Chicken Alley

Dead Chicken Alley Berlin
Dead Chicken Alley Berlin

During your visit to Berlin you will move especially through Mitte, or what is the same, the historic center of Berlin. Dead Chicken Alley is located in this area, specifically, it is at 39 Rosenthaler Strasse. You will only need about 15 minutes walking from Alexanderplatz to get there.

It’s a street, it has a number… it would be relatively easy to find it. Nothing further from reality. It is most likely that it will cost you a lot to find it, because from the entrance you can barely see what is hidden inside.

Besides, It is an area full of people, bars, restaurants… You will hardly notice him. So when you are about to arrive, sharpen all your senses to prepare yourself for what you are going to discover in a short time.

The contrast between the neighborhood and the alley is spectacular. It is located in one of the busiest and most commercial areas of Berlin, Hackescher Market. And as soon as you walk through the entrance, you find yourself in a veritable oasis filled with art displays everywhere.

What to do in Dead Chicken Alley

As you can already guess, the main attraction of Dead Chicken Alley is to enjoy the graffiti and of different samples of street art that are there.

The evil tongues say that even Banksy himself left his mark somewhere in the alley. Also the famous The London Police or Basquiat have some samples of their work there. So, if you like urban art, this is your place.

But not only that, because Dead Chicken Alley has more things to do. For example, there are two peculiar bars where you can have a drink for an affordable price (at least compared to Berlin prices).

One is right at the entrance and another at the end of the alley. The best is the second, since from it you can enjoy the paintings more. Besides, during the night it is filled with quite modern and different peopleand the atmosphere is 100% Berliner.

Also It has two interesting museums. The first is Monsterkabinett, or what is the same “The gallery of monsters”. It is an exhibition of figures and sculptures that, together, offer a rather gloomy image.

The second is “Anne Frank: hier&heute”. It is a set of photographs and testimonies related to the fictitious diary of Otto Heinrich Frank. Admission to this gallery is €5.

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