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Deceptions and Frauds – Milli Vanilli: the perfect playback

Do you like curious stories? Those that for a while were lies and half the world swallowed them, go down in history as just another curiosity. There are those of those lies that science has invented, or of some individuals who deceive with extraordinary or even ordinary things, simply to have their five minutes of fame. The fact escapes all of them: the truth always comes out, sooner or later. Today I bring you one more.


Our protagonist is the Milli Vanilli duo made up of Fabrice “Fab” Morvan and Rob Pilatus that formed in Germany in the mid-80s. At first they were just backing dancers for singer Sabrina Salerno. German producer Frank Farian noticed them and launched their career as a musical group. Among his successes is Girl you know it’s true, released in 1988.

1990 was their year, as they received the Grammy Award as a revelation artist. But her career was about to suffer a setback just because of a technical detail. What happened?

At a concert while the duo “sang” the playback failed, immediately people began to suspect fraud. Indeed it was a fraud, because in November of that same year the creator and producer of the group confessed that neither of the two members actually sang, rather they only projected their appearance both on the album covers and on stage. After making the deception known, the Grammy was withdrawn.

Some time later, the same producer wanted to remedy things, because in an attempt to relaunch the songs he promoted the true singers of the fraudulent group Milli Vanilli’s hits, with the name The Real Milli Vanilli, but the attempt did not go beyond that, only It was an attempt that failed.

Who sang for Milli Vanilli?

They were neither Rob nor Fab, were two anonymous older German singers. until Charles Shaw, the main voice of this group, publicly denounced in 1989 that he was the one who really sang for Milli Vanilli. However, his silence was paid and she retracted his complaint.

After the fraud was revealed, in 1993 Rob & Fab wanted to interpret their songs themselves, without any success. And the obligatory question is why they did not do it from the beginning? His producer never allowed it.

Finally Rob Pilatus died of an overdose in Frankfurt. It has been confirmed that this curious story is intended to be brought to the big screen, it will be written and directed by Jeff Nathanson. “I have always been fascinated by the idea of ​​deception and fraud,” said the future director.

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