Did you know that both the black and white rhino are actually grey?

white rhinoyes, the two types of rhino black and white are gray, with a lightness of tonality. White rhinos owe their name to a curious mistake.

In the 17th century, when the first Dutch settlers arrived in South Africa, they called this animal wijde, which means “wide” in Spanish, in reference to its straight and wide lip, quite different from the beaked lip of the other African rhinoceros. The British, who settled in Cape Town from the year 1806, they mistakenly believed that what the Dutch said was white (white)English word of similar pronunciation.

So that is how they called the wijde Rhinoceros, white, and not because of the color but because of its apparent name, which was not really called white.

Also discover the curiosities of rhinos.

The white rhino is the largest land animal after the elephant. and can weigh up to 5 tons. The horns are very hard, they are composed of a mass of hard glued hairs and the front can measure up to 50 cm long.

black rhinoOn the other hand the black rhino, so called because it is darker gray, differs from white because it is smaller. Although it reaches 1.6 meters in height and 1,500 kilos in weight, which makes it the fourth largest mammal in Africa behind the African elephant, the white rhino and the hippopotamus. The lip of this is in the form of a prehensile beak. This shape is due to the fact that it feeds by browsing the leaves of bushes and to a lesser extent low trees, while the white rhinoceros eats grass from the ground and has a straight and wide lip. Thanks to this different diet, these two species, which otherwise have very similar habits, can live in the same ecosystem.

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