Did you know that dolphins are unable to jump to escape the nets?

We must recognize that the dolphins are the sea ​​diving winners, but are unable to jump to escape the floating fishing nets. These animals are believed they jump out of the water as an expression of joy or as a game but are unable to use these jumps to escape the nets unless trained to do so. This even happens to killer whales that are easily caught simply by using the surface net.

Dolphins caught in nets

This causes dolphins to be accidentally killed when trying to catch a school of fish from a boat that the dolphins were feeding on or when fishing on a school of tuna that dolphins tend to follow from the surface. This fishing would not be so accidental since the boat that is carrying out the maneuver can see the dolphins and it could, if it wanted to, form a trough in the net for the dolphins to escape but, as this would allow part of the catch to escape, they do not.

In Argentina they are calculated in 400 dead dolphins annually by the fishing nets. Many fishing companies in the world reached an agreement with environmental organizations who put inspectors on board their boats to ensure that dolphins are allowed to escape from the nets, their products are distinguished in the market by bringing the legend “Save dolphin”.