Did you know that eating 5 almonds before drinking alcoholic beverages prevents drunkenness?

The almond tree has numerous properties that many people use in healing and also in rituals for help and prosperity.


However, some of the benefits of the almond tree are: eating its fruit will cure or combat fevers, eating 5 almonds before drinking prevents poisoning.

However, there are beliefs about the almond tree that cannot be verified: climbing an almond tree ensures success in investments, putting almonds in your pockets will lead you to a treasure and that if the almond trees are covered with flowers and few leaves in spring it is a sign of fertility , augurs births and a good year of marriage.

However, the belief that almond trees prevent drunkenness may be true since bitter almonds contain amygdalin, which is the substance that gives them the particular smell and taste of the hydrocyanic acid that it produces; however, they are poisonous in large quantities, which is why It is not recommended to consume almond water or its oil.

So the almond tree can be a very good option for “lovers of alcoholic beverages” but who do not like to get drunk.

Source: Today