Did you know that fish ‘talk’ but only on special occasions?

Talking and angry fish

That conclusion was reached by scientists at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. They affirm that the fish can become talkative, grumble, grunt and even yell at each other from a bladder that they use to swim, as evidenced by the recordings made by these experts.

A marine researcher explains that while all fish are able to hear, not all fish make sounds by vibrating their swim bladder, a muscle they can contract.

Fish talk to each other for various reasons, such as when they want to attract mates, orient themselves, or scare off predators.

How did they study these fish?
To do this, they placed the fish in a tank, and after weeks of acclimatization, they began to record their sounds. The researchers stated that they were 99 percent sure that they were fish sounds, but even so, that makes us happy because now they are looking for a way to find out what their sounds mean. We want to know what they mean”, he added.

In this way they have verified that some crabs make noise, in the same way that other big-eyed fish do. Nevertheless, some fish only ‘talk’ on special occasions. Specifically, Ghazali observed that most of the cod were silent but very noisy while spawning.

“The hypothesis is that they use these sounds as synchronization for the fertilization of the eggs. After the breeding season you will not hear those sounds again,” added the scientist, while considering that predators could hunt and find their prey through the speech of these fish, according to a study published in the newspaper New Zealand Herald.

With information: Elmundo.es