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Did you know that holding hands or seeing a photo of a loved one reduces physical pain?

A curiosity to ponder


A study published in the scientific journal Psychological Science explains that holding hands with your partner or simply seeing a photograph of them, reduces physical pain reaction, especially in the case of women, since the study was based on them. Carrying a loved one’s photo could be used as an anesthetic for physical pain.

In this study carried out by psychologists from the University of California, it has been shown that when a woman holds her partner’s hand or sees a photo of him, her physical pain is reduced. In the experiment, the young women received a slight burn, and the discomfort was usually less when they looked at a photo of her partner, as opposed to seeing some other object.

Likewise, if these women held their partner’s hand, the effect of pain was reduced, unlike when they held the hand of a stranger. With this, the study highlights the importance of social relationships and staying socially connected.

The results were the product of experiments with 25 young volunteers, and it is considered that these results could have applications in childbirth, where the presence of the father could reduce the mother’s pain. The study could also explain why a mother feels comfortable receiving a kiss from a child.

This demonstrates that we were made with the need to love and feel lovedThink about what that reveals to us about our Creator? Or could it be that blind chance endowed us with a quality that she herself does not possess? The answer is obvious… 😀

So when a loved one suffers, hold their hand tightly, many times they need this more than just words…

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