Did you know that Mice also sing?

Singing MouseYes, and they are the male mice that make sounds high frequency (of course, they are impossible to perceive by the human ear) and they do so when they detect the presence of female mice, presumably as part of the courtship process.

According to research carried out, those vocalizations were not random squeals but songs, as I commented Timothy Holy, one of the researchers. “They followed a pattern, they sounded like birdsong.”

To prove it, the scientists disclosed recordings of the sounds, adapted for the human ear. “They really do sound like bird chirping.”

To qualify as singing, sounds must have two main characteristics:

– A funny syllabicthat is to say, a multitude of different sounds in places of a single sound repeated to infinity.
– A temporal regularitylike that of a chord that becomes a melody.

During the investigation, the scientists analyzed a group of 750 syllables produced by a single male mouse over a period of 210 seconds and concluded that the animal produced these sounds following a score and not randomly.

These are added to the list of living beings that sing in the presence of a member of the opposite sex, birds, the humpback whale, porpoises, insects and possibly bats, and of course Man.