Did you know that Niagara Falls is not the highest in the world?

Angel Falls Waterfall

Actually, the highest waterfall in the world is: Angel Falls or Kerekupai-meru. It is located in the southeast of Venezuela, with about 978 m high, of which 807 m are of uninterrupted fall, which makes it the highest waterfall even that of Niagara.

It was shown to the world in 1935 by the American aviator and adventurer James C. Ángel, from whom it gets its name.

The river that originates Angel Falls is called Churún, which is a tributary of the Carrao River, which in turn is a tributary of the Caroní River. This jump takes its name from the surname of its discoverer, James (Jimmy) Ángel, an American aviator, who sighted it for the first time in 1937 when he was flying over this area. The indigenous name of this waterfall is Churún Merú.

Angel jump

The waterfall is born at the top of a plateau (or “tepuy”, as these geological formations are called) called Auyan Tepuy. These tepuis, along with other geological formations are called “chasms” (which are deep and huge craters, with almost vertical walls), also present in this area, are extremely old formations, which gives the entire Guayanés Massif an interest particular geological and biological It is estimated that within these chasms and on top of the tepuis there are genera of plants and animals (mainly invertebrates) never seen by man, let alone classified.