Did you know that on a day like today but from 2006 Curious Planet emerged?

Hello to all Curious Planet readers, thank you for your support.

It was a day like today but in 2006 that I published the first post of Curious Planet, which bears the title: Did you know that the Giant Octopus or Squid has 3 hearts? Since then I have published articles on various topics. Many of which have been widely accepted.

Some fun facts:

– From July 14, 2006 to the present day, he has 3,392 posts published, arranged among 31 categories.

– Proudly some articles from Curious Planet were exhibited in the online program Tellurica that finished airing on March 24 of this year.

– Many articles have been on the front page of Meneame.net, here you can see some of the posts published on meneame.net.

– 37 surveys have been debated, one of them very famous said: For you… Who is the most important cartoon character of all time? The answer was: Homer Simpson, and the results were published in the post: The 10 most popular cartoons

– Curious Planet has a YouTube channel with 532 subscribers and an account on Twitter which began on July 1 of this year, with currently 100 followers.

– It is currently the most read and viewed blog in Mexico, and the fifth most viewed in Latin America, with 683,290 visits per month, that is, more than 22,000 daily visits. Many of whom we already know here on the blog from their frequent comments.

– Keep waiting for more surprises… 😀

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!Thanks for everything! Att. Rogelio Morelos