Did you know that on January 2, 1839, the first photograph of the Moon was obtained?

Yes, it was on January 2, 1839 when the French physicist Louis Daguerre take the first photograph of the Moon. He also becoming a pioneer of modern photography.

first photo of the moon

Daguerre became famous as a painter, decorator and illustrator, and also for his invention of dioramas; these gave the impression of movement depending on how the light fell on them. To make his images he used the so-called camera obscura. He managed to fix the images obtained by said camera, invented by Joseph Nicéphore Niepce, on copper plates coated with silver iodide.

From the year 1835 Daguerre, who worked in collaboration with Niepce, began to use mercury vapor to reveal the images recorded on the plates. A few years later he also managed to fix them.

However, the discoveries made by Niepce were largely attributed to Daguerre, to the point that the images recorded thanks to this process were known as “daguerreotypes”. These photographic images did not allow obtaining copies.