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Did you know that people with “baby faces” live longer?

People with “baby faces” live longer than those who appear to be older than they already are, according to a study carried out by Danish scientists, through which it is perceived that appearance can determine a person’s longevity . Some celebrities maintain, despite not being in full youth, an aspect that does not correspond to their age. An example can be the swimmer David Meca, 35 years old.

The work, collected in the British Medical Journal, also includes a biological explanation and not simply pure physical appearance. Thus, key pieces of DNA, called telomeres, indicate the ability of cells to reproduce. In this way, a shorter telomere length translates into faster aging and has been linked to a number of diseases.

“Age perception is used by physicians as a general indication of a patient’s health, as well as being a biological marker of aging that predicts survival among those over 70 years of age,” the authors noted. As they add, people who have had a harder life are more likely to die before their time and reflect on their faces the bad times.

The study, led by Professor Kaare Christensen, from the University of Southern Denmark, followed patients for seven years.

And you… do you have a child’s face?


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