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Did you know that spending a night without sleep is as tiring as having walked three kilometers?

Spending a night without sleep is equivalent to walking three kilometersaccording to studies by the University of Colorado (United States). “We have discovered that people spend more energy when awake in bed than when she’s asleep,” says Professor Kenneth Wright, explaining that results have shown that in eight hours of wakefulness, approximately 135 calories.

The study is based on the analysis of seven adults who were forced to stay in bed during the three days that the investigation lasted. The participants spent the night watching movies, reading and talkingThe amount of energy consumed by these people during 24 hours of sleep deprivation was up to 7 percent, compared to a typical night’s sleep. Energy expenditure decreased by 5% during the ‘recovery phase’, after 4 waking hours.

The researchers believe that it may have implications for people with sleep disorders such as The insomnia wave apnea. The first is characterized by difficulty falling asleep, while the second is suffered by those who constantly wake up during the resting state.

Scientists are very interested in how sleep loss may contribute to weight gain and obesity, Wright said. The study underlines that energy expenditure during sleep deprivation not a safe or effective strategy for weight loss, although he acknowledges that more research is needed to understand how short nightly sleep times of six hours or less on many days contribute to weight gain.


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