Did you know that the 200 kg sunfish has a 4 gram brain?

Yes it is a very rare and curious fish. This strange animal can reach 3 meters and weigh about 200 kg with a walnut-sized brain, with a weight of 4 grams. That is why it is normal that you can often confuse a nylon bag, accidentally thrown into the sea, with a jellyfish, eat it and choke to death.

Upgrade (03/01/07): You can see a video of this fish in its natural habitat. Watch video

Sunfish (Mola Mola)

Despite being a very large animal your mouth is small that is why it feeds on small crustaceans, jellyfish and plankton.

The scientific name of the sunfish It comes from the Latin mola, grindstone, millstone, perhaps because of its size and shape. Its name in English means oceanic sunfish, while in French, German and Portuguese its name means the same as in Spanish.

They are believed to live for more than 10 years. Its rough, leathery skin (up to 1.5 cm thick) harbors more skin parasites than any other marine creature. That makes it drift slowly through the seas without reacting, not even running away, when being attacked. Ichthyologists attribute this lack of reaction to the fact that an animal weighing 200 kg.

As they get carried away by warm water currents and there are so few specimens, the encounter between males and females is really rare. For this reason, when it occurs, it must not be wasted and the female lays 900,000 eggs. The large number of eggs, which are produced in one clutch, indicate that their size cannot be large, so they are only half a millimeter wide.

This represents a zoological particularity since the fry, at birth, is 60 million times smaller than its mother, this is an astonishing figure, especially if one takes into account that human beings are barely 20 times smaller than their parents.