Did you know that the brain weighs an average of 1,380 grams in men and 1,250 in women?


Contains some 100 billion neuronsapproximate figure to that of the stars of our galaxy.

And its almost 100 trillion serial and parallel interconnections provide the physical foundation that enables the brain to function.
the human brain It is the most complex and fascinating organ that exists in the universe.. Think about the following brain functions:
– He is able to reflect on himself.

– Control the rapid movement of a pianist’s hand playing a melody.

– Integrates the visual stimulus in three dimensions, receiving light impulses on a flat retina.

the human brain not the biggest. Whales and elephants have it higher. But they do have the largest brain proportional to body weight. In the last 3 million years of evolution the human brain has grown enormously.

This is related to bipedalism. Some areas of the brain, such as the anterior (frontal lobes) and lateral (parietal) lobes, have grown larger than others.

There is a tendency to compare the brain with the electronic constructs of man. It should not be done, because it tends to fall into demagoguery and some other argument fallacy.

There is no scientific basis that can demonstrate without margin of error that the data from the comparisons are 100% reliable, so these studies are estimates by comparison between equivalent concepts.
Although equivalences may satisfy the requirements of certain scientists, they themselves recognize their limits when it comes to understanding the exact functioning of the brain.

finally andhe brain is the most marvelous organ that humans can possess.