Did you know that the color of flamingos is due to their food?

red caribbean flamingo

Yes, the pink color of flamingos is due to their diet. When young flamingos hatch they have white plumage, but adult feathers are pink to bright red, due to carotenoids obtained from their food supply.

So if a flamingo has a bright pink or red color, it is because it eats well, practically the more pink it is the better healthy it is. By contrast, a pale or white flamingo is usually sick or suffering from lack of food.

The typical diet of flamingos consists of diadems, seeds, spirulina algae, crustaceans, and mollusks that they filter from the water since their beak is like a kitchen strainer. Filtering food is aided by filamentous structures called lamellae, small blades on the jaws, and a large, rough tongue.

Flamingos are birds that are distributed throughout the Western Hemisphere and the Eastern Hemisphere, there are four species in the Americas and two in the Old World.