Did you know that the elephant is the mammal with the longest gestation time since it reaches 22 months?

Yes, the longest gestation period in mammals, is that of elephants, since it reaches 22 months; At birth, the calf weighs 100 kilos and is 90 centimeters tall, and although they eat solid food at six months, they nurse for three or four years.

Elephant Gestation

Here we have added a fragment of a documentary about the gestation of the elephant: VIDEO


Females usually give birth to one calf every two to four years. They can start breeding at 14 years old. As a curious fact, Sometimes the pups suck their trunks, as children do with their thumb. The bond established with the mother lasts a long time, and it is normal to observe a female followed by pups of different ages.

– Another notable fact is that the young are grouped together, like in a nurseryunder the supervision of a female, while the others feed.

– The babies they spend much of their time playing: splashing in the water, chasing small animals, they fight each other with their trunks and, when they stop playing, they lean against each other and doze. Adults need little sleep, and spend most of their time eating or visiting water points to drink and bathe.