Did you know that the puffer fish inflates itself in order to survive?

Yes, and indeed this defense strategy is somewhat complete. This strange animal, when feeling trapped or threatened, immediately reacts by swallowing water, which increases its volume considerably until it becomes a ball.


In this state it is difficult to enter the mouth of a predator. But, even if he swallows it before it inflates, he will pay for his audacity with his life, since puffer fish meat contains a deadly poison called tetrodotoxin. Unfortunately this complete method of defense does not prevent them from being the victims of human beings.

When taken out of the water, the puffer fish inflates since has the same ability to swallow air as water. Exposed to the sun, they dry, preserving their rounded shape, and once dry, they are used as decoration. In China they are very popular since, once dry, an electric bulb is inserted through their mouths, turning them into “puffer fish lamps” that hang from the ceilings. Despite the deadly poison these fish are eaten with great pleasure in Japan. With them the “Fugu” is prepared. A cook needs to have a certificate from a special school that teaches how to prepare Fugu. Poisoning as a result of eating poorly prepared puffer fish is fatal in sixty percent of cases. Without a doubt, a high-risk dish.