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Did you know that the venom of some snakes can help the heart?

That’s right, in fact it is more powerful than many of the drugs for such purposes.


For example, the australian snake it secretes a toxin from its venom that lowers blood pressure and stabilizes it just as antihypersensitive drugs do. This is achieved by the synthesis of a peptide in its venom, very similar to one that our body naturally produces when we suffer a heart attack, which helps the body overcome the cardiovascular event. Only that the amount that the reptile secretes is greater.

We also have the rattlesnake viperthat in the sixties American laboratories studied the venom of this viper, with the aim of using the antihypersensitivity power of its venom, after which they created the substance captopril, which has helped save thousands of lives.

On the other hand, American scientists intend to develop a synthetic enzyme that seems to imitate the mechanism carried out by the substance alfimeprase contained in the venom that the reptile secretes, directly destroying fibrin and quickly dissolving blood clots.

Source: Very Interesting

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