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Did you know that there is a coral that feeds on jellyfish?

Under the seabed, where it is very difficult to reach something extraordinary happens. What is it about? And why is it a curious fact?


Submerged at the bottom of the Red Sea, a team of scientists from Israel discovered and photographed the first type of coral that feeds on jellyfish of the same size. It receives the name of ‘Fungia Scrouposa’, composed of a large polyp about thirty centimeters in diameter and which is solitary; that is, it does not form colonies, as most do.


Its ‘victims’ are common jellyfish (‘Aurelia Aurita’), like those that inhabit most of the planet’s oceans and until now considered food only for predators such as fish or turtles.

Now, how is the procedure for capturing this coral? The process is far inferior to that of a frog catching a fly or a lion attacking a gazelle, in their case the process lasts many hours.
This same type of coral had already astonished scientists for its sexual adaptability, which allows it to become male or female depending on the season.

Now the researchers themselves are also wondering how an organism with limited mobility (it is not attached to the seabed), such as this type of coral, can catch jellyfish.


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