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Did you know that vultures use their urine to cool down?

Perhaps they are not the prettiest that fly through the sky… but they have several features that you cannot even imagine, such as their cooling system that some It will seem strange and even a little disgusting, do you want to know what it is?

Well, it is said that use their urine and feces to freshen up. I’ll explain, it turns out the combination of these forms a substance that helps them moderate their body temperature, since they lack sweat glands. And since your urine contains ammonia, this habit allows them to kill almost all bacteria with which it inevitably establishes contact while feeding.

And they are not all your graces, some defend themselves against predators by vomiting, thus lightens its weight to fly and escape without problem. Surely in passing they end the appetite of the attacker.

Interestingly, some species have “accessible” nostrils that open through the tip of the beak. and although they have a certain sense of smell, what they use to locate their food is sight.

Disgusting as it may seem, it works for them. what things, right?

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