Discover Chinese gastronomy at China Taste in Madrid

In Madrid, China Taste will take place, a gastronomic event that aims to celebrate the entry of the New Year of the lunar calendar on February 5.

China has a different calendar and therefore celebrates the New Year on a totally different date than most. In order to celebrate the entry of the year 4717 of the Lunar calendar on February 5, the Chinese Tastea very interesting gastronomic event so that everyone can discover the gastronomy of this Asian country.

To celebrate the entrance of the year of the pig a new edition of the Chinese Taste, an event that will take place from January 23 to February 24, so that all who wish can taste some of the best typical dishes of the Asian country throughout these weeks. It is the fourth edition thanks to the success of the last editions.

Every year in Madrid there is a festive atmosphere thanks to the entrance of the Chinese New Yeara party that is celebrated by both the Chinese who are residing in this area of ​​Spain and many of the people of Madrid in the area, since it is a massive event.

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Classic dishes will be able to be tasted in the best Chinese restaurants in Madrid such as Casa Lafu, El Bundo or Peking Lacquered Duck, all of them will participate in this festival, in total 14 restaurants They are the ones who will participate this year. The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, the Madrid City Council and the Community of Madrid help promote this new edition of the festival.

One of the data to take into account is that all the benefits obtained by the restaurants They are going to be invested in a social project to help promote activities aimed at women who are in a situation of vulnerability or at risk of social exclusion.

Without a doubt, it is a good excuse to be able to make a getaway to the capital of Spain and take the opportunity to learn more about the Chinese New Year celebration and take the opportunity to taste the best traditional dishes, which is always something that attracts many tourists.

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