Discover Rome in 10 movies

It is Rome’s turn. We continue to travel virtually to destinations around the world thanks to cinema. Now we are going to discover Rome, the Italian capital, one of the cradles of our civilization, the seat of the Catholic Church, the place where great masterpieces have been created by artists of all ages, and also by filmmakers. Let’s look at some examples.

In the list of films that we have prepared for you there are the most varied titles. Many are from Italian directors, but also from many other sources. And it is that the charm of Rome is always great, even if seen through a screen. And this is a great remedy for these weeks of quarantine and seclusion, as forced as they are in solidarity with our society.

one. The Dolce Lifea classic to discover Rome

Let’s start with a classic among classics, the best-known work in the entire filmography of the immense Federico Fellini. Y is especially known for its night scene at the Trevi Fountain, one of the most beautiful places in Rome for one of the most erotic sequences in the history of cinema.

two. Holidays in Rome

And another classic in which the Italian capital is one more character in the plot is Holidays in Rome. Everyone who sees it falls in love with the city, and then he wants to discover Rome on a scooter like Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn do.

3. Only you

The romanticism of Rome has not only been shown in the previous film. has been the leitmotiv of many films from different eras. For example, this one Only youfrom 1994, where two young people like Robert Downey Jr. and Marisa Tomei discover love hereand also in other places in Italy such as Venice or the Amalfi coast.

Four. eat, love, pray

Of the whole package of romantic movies to discover Rome, we promise that this is the last one. eat, love, pray is a cake of love placed at the service of Julia Roberts, but that shows us some of the most bucolic corners of Rome.

5. Ocean’s Twelve

Another Hollywood production in Rome, in which Roberts also appears, as well as a lot of movie stars. They all walk around the city with the intention of robbing a museumwonderfully filmed at Villa Borghese.

6. Angels and Demons

A few days ago we invited you to take a cinephile tour similar to this one but to discover Paris. Well, there it was. the movie The Da Vinci Codewhich has a second part that is Angels and Demonswhich is partially recorded in Rome.

7. The fall of the Roman Empire

We continue with successes of American cinema. But this time it is not recorded in Rome, although the old imperial capital is the great protagonist. And, of course, it is an enjoyable dive into its history, with many inaccuracies and licenses, but it is worth seeing. By the way, where is it recorded? In Spain, in places where there are also Roman remains such as the city of Segovia.

8. The fisherman’s sandals

If Imperial Rome is key to understanding today’s city, so is its role as the seat of Christianity.. Although the truth is that this role corresponds more to the tiny Vatican City, whose secrets are clearly visible in this wonderful film.

9. Expensive Daily

We are going to finish with two Italian films. The first is Expensive Dailywhere as in Holidays in Rome We tour the city on a Vespa. But now alone and with a much more humorous view of the Eternal City.

10. the great beauty

We close our selection with the last great masterpiece to emerge from Italian cinema. It is a film that, without a doubt, Fellini would have loved, with whom we have started our list. And we hope that you also like it when you see it and that for a moment it relieves you of the feeling of confinement that this health crisis caused by the coronavirus is causing us.

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