Discover the best coffee plantations in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to different coffee plantations where you can visit and taste some of the best coffee in the entire country.

One of the great incentives when traveling around Costa Rica is to taste its good coffee, thanks to the great variety of plantations that we find throughout the country, a product that in each place has very varied aromas and nuances, so it is worth taking them into account.

Traveling through Costa Rica discovering coffee plantations is a very attractive proposalOne of the proposals offered to tourists is to be able to do a guided tour by one of the many plantations found throughout the country. It is a good proposal for all tourists who love good coffee discover the places of origin and can also enjoy all the natural attractions of the surroundings.

This type of tourism has been increasing in recent years, generating new income and making known the wide variety of landscapes by different parts of the country, which is a point to take into account.

Enjoying coffee plantations

Coffee is closely linked to Costa Rican history and it is one of the indispensable products. That is why in recent years the Costa Rican coffee plantations have taken on special importance. In this way you can learn about the way in which the grain is grown, roasted and the rich coffee is made for more than two centuries.

Different alternatives in areas such as the Poás, Tres Ríos, Naranjo, Alajuela and Tarrazú Volcanoes, are the areas where you can find the best plantations in the country. Precisely the coffee that is sold throughout the tico territory It comes from these plantations, all of them of high quality.

Normally you can do the tours by the plantations between the months of October and May, which is the best time of the year to be able to do the tour. It is a good combination to know both the plantations and the museums and other cultural options. In the same way it is possible to discover the fauna and flora in different natural sites.

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