Discover the charms of San Marino on your next getaway

San Marino is a destination with a lot to discover, even if it is small, as it has old buildings and impressive natural areas.

There are countries of enormous size in which we always have things to know, but there are other small ones that we can visit in several days. This is the case of San Marino, a very interesting country that you can go to during the holidays next summer. Many couples tend to take advantage of their stay in Italy to get closer to this neighboring country. From Visitsanmarino they invite us to enjoy this experience.

It is a quiet trip, ideal for those looking for a romantic destination in the heights thanks to the spectacular views of Mount Titano. One of the most interesting visits is made to the Guaita Castle, a very old fortress that is located on this mount. It dates from approximately the 11th century and is one of the great attractions for tourists. When it’s time to climb its main tower, you’ll be at the top of San Marino.

It is very interesting to know the Castle of the Basket or Frattawhich today is the Museum of Ancient Weapons and allows you to take a tour of the collection of weapons that it houses inside, as well as enjoying the architecture of this fortress. The views are still truly spectacular and highly recommended to take a few minutes to enjoy it.

Another possibility during our tour is to know the Basilica del Santo or Basilica of San Marino, a religious building dating from the 19th century and which is one of the most important, after rising where the old parish church of the 16th century was located. The most important thing that it houses are the relics of San Marino Deacon, who precisely gives the name to the country.

In San Marino the public palace It is also a place to take into account, a building that, in addition to being the town hall, the seat of the national government, is an emblematic building since it dates from the 19th century and is very similar to the Palazzo Vecchio in Florencealthough logically of a much smaller size.

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