Discover the most beautiful country houses in Galicia

The country houses of Galicia are a very unique part of the historical and artistic heritage of this community. These are large stately mansions that were built by many aristocrats and potentates in past centuries, especially in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Today many are still standing. And not only that, but they are still residences of their owners. Nevertheless, some of the most beautiful can be visited.

Pazos de Galicia through the four provinces

In the interior of Galicia or near its coast, in the mountainous areas or very close to the big cities, the pazos appear throughout its territory. And as we have said, some are still inhabited. Meanwhile, others have been transformed into cultural and tourist spaces and even cozy hotels.

Examples of all these uses we have in our list with the best country houses in Galicia. But the ones we are going to show you are just a small sample of all those in Galician lands.

Pazo de Mariñán

One of the most visited country houses in Galicia is this one in Mariñán, located very close to A Coruña. We are facing an elegant eighteenth-century constructionthat is, with all the elegance and decorative overload of the final years of the Baroque.

A charming construction that, in addition, is surrounded by a French-style garden most elegant and free to visit.

Pazo de Oca, one of the country houses in Galicia that you must visit

However, if we talk about one of the country houses in Galicia that most reminds one of France, we have to mention the Pazo de Oca, in A Estrada. It is not uncommon for it to appear with the nickname of the Spanish Versailles.

A country house was already built in this same place in the Middle Ages, but the wonder that can be seen today it is from the 18th century. Of course, it is worth paying the entrance fee that gives access to the property and its incredible gardens.

Pazo Quiñones de León Museum

Not all of the country houses in Galicia are located in rural areas. There are also them in the cities, like this wonder that awaits us in Vigo. A pazo or palace with a Renaissance air ceded to the city by Fernando Quiñones de León, Marquis of Alcedo, to become a museum.

As such it remains today. The pazo is the seat of the Municipal Museum of Vigo and has free admission. It is worth visiting.

Pazo of Vista Alegre

Now we are going to mention one of the best restored country houses in Galicia and, above all, better equipped for modern life. The Pazo de Vista Alegre, in Vilagarcía de Arousa, province of Pontevedra, it was practically in ruins.

However, a strong investment has completely renovated it and has created a gastronomic space there of the most recommended. And even the place is rented for the most varied events.

Pazo de Souto

Another of the country houses in Galicia with a modern use is this country house in Souto, right on the Costa da Morte. Today it is a cozy hotel. Obviously, it is a most elegant accommodation. It could not be otherwise when we refer to a property that was owned by the powerful Marquises of Montenegro until the 20th century.

Pazo de Rubianes

Also in Vilagarcía is the Pazo de Rubianes. On this occasion, can be visited thanks to guided tours. It is the best way to learn about the evolution of this building whose origins date back to the 12th century.

But possibly, as happens in many other country houses in Galicia, the most interesting is outside, in their gardens. Gardens that here reach all their splendor at the time of flowering of their thousands of camellias.

Pazo Sistallo

If you travel to Galician lands, it seems obligatory to visit Santiago de Compostela to marvel at its cathedral and Plaza del Obradoiro. As well, the same architect who participated in that emblematic image of Galicia worked on this manor house in the XVIII century. With that, everything is said about the interest and beauty of Pazo Sistallo.

Pazo de Ludeiro, one of the most charming country houses in Galicia

We are going to end this selection of the most beautiful country houses in Galicia by mentioning one in the heart of the province of Lugo, in Monterroso. There, this country house of Ludeiro awaits us, built in Gothic style. a peace that since the fifteenth century it has been inhabited by famous Galician families.

Today it is a spectacular hotel which, of course, will make us feel like real gentlemen during our stay. Without a doubt, the best way to enjoy these charismatic constructions of the Galician towns and landscapes.

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