Discover the Strasbourg Historical Museum

Strasbourg offers an essential visit such as the city’s historical museum to learn more about historical objects.

The French city of Strasbourg It is a good destination that many tourists usually travel to during their vacations, especially during the summer. It is interesting to know the history and for this the Historical Museum of Strasbourg can be an excellent alternative.

The Strasbourg Historical Museum is one of the interesting alternativesThe wide variety of collections on offer inside allow visitors to learn more about the history and the customs of the area. It is interesting since it is like taking a trip back in time from the Middle Ages and therefore it is a more than interesting and exciting visit to see different historical stages.

This museum is located inside the Ancienne Boucheriea historical construction that is also worth keeping in mind throughout the Vacations since it is one of the icons of the city. In addition to this museum, visiting the Museum of Fine Arts is another possibility.

museum collections

We can see different collections of weapons, military uniforms, objects of the daily life of the citizens of Strasbourg, antique furniture, costumes, archaeological collections, paintings, graphic arts, among other pieces that are of great importance to be able to see in this spectacular museum.

In total they are offered 9 rooms to enjoy with different periods going through the Middle Ages to the French Revolution. The information is available in different languages ​​such as German, English and of course French. Activities are offered for the little ones so they can have fun throughout their visit.

The visit to this interesting historical museum of the city of Strasbourg It can be done throughout the year. The hours are from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., with a price of 6.5 euros for adults and students at 3.50 euros for admission. It is one of the reference options during the stay in this destination.

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