Do not miss these 5 places in Budapest

It is no secret to anyone that Hungary is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. And its capital is no less. A unique city in its style, with impressive monuments, impressive architecture and a lot of things and places to discover. There are places in Budapest that, due to their meaning and beauty, are especially relevantwe are going to discover them. Are you coming?

Budapest places unforgettable

We are going to take a tour of some of the places in Budapest that you should not miss when you visit it. We tell you what is special about them and some of their history.

1. Getting to know the Chain Bridge

Chain Bridge – waku

One of the essential places that you should know is the famous Chain Bridge, one of the most emblematic places in Budapest. It is a suspension bridge, whose main cables have been replaced by chain links.

It is the oldest bridge in the city. Until its inauguration, in 1849, the river could only be crossed by boat, which was a big problem in the winter, when the waters froze.

However, the infrastructure that we see and go through today is a reconstruction. The original bridge was dynamited in World War II, during the siege of Budapest. The new bridge opened in 1949, just 100 years after the first one.

2. Now we visit the Parliament

Budapest Parliament – ​​TTstudio

The Parliament of Budapest is one of the most impressive buildings that you will be able to contemplate in your life. It was built between 1884 and 1902 and it has the title of being the third largest parliament in the whole world.

We recommend that you spend at least a whole morning exploring the interior of this impressive neo-Gothic-style building. Its dimensions are dizzying. It is 268 meters long and 118 wide. It is estimated that more than 40 million bricks were used for its construction.

One of its curiosities is that the Parliament of Budapest has 13 old and beautiful elevators, inside which there are seats so that users do not get tired. Another of the curiosities is that it had an air conditioning system that worked through air ducts, with fans located in front of huge blocks of ice.

Another of the places that will impress you the most is the main stairs. These luxurious stairs are covered in gold leaf. And it is that for the construction of the parliament more than 40 kilograms of gold and approximately half a million precious stones were used, impressive, right?

3. We discover the Jewish Quarter

Great Synagogue – Yury Dmitrienko

The Jewish Quarter is one of the most interesting places in Budapest. Stroll through its streets and enjoy the shops and restaurants that are in it. It is also a place with a history as sad as it is interesting, since during the Second World War it became a ghetto for the Jewish people.

Here you can visit its impressive synagogue, one of the largest in the world. Its construction is relatively modern, since it is a building from the middle of the 19th century.

4. A visit to St. Stephen’s Basilica

Basilica of Saint Stephen – Brian Kinney

Definitely, the Basilica of San Esteban is one of the places that you cannot miss. It is the largest religious building in Hungary. In fact, it is estimated that up to 8,500 people can fit inside.

The construction of this basilica was completed in 1905, after half a century of works. In addition to its imposing architecture, the most impressive aspect is its dimensions: the base is 55 meters wide by 87 meters long and the height of the dome reaches 96 meters.

You can climb one of its towers, and from it you will see magnificent views of the city. If you have the opportunity to do it on a weekday, much better, since then there will not be as many visitors.

5. Enjoying the Budapest Opera

Opera – Robert Jakatics

The Budapest Opera House is a sight in itself. Its construction began in 1875 and ended in 1884. It is one of the most important Neo-Renaissance buildings in the country. We recommend that you find out about the times of the guided tours of this splendid building.


“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”

-San Agustin-

The Hungarian capital is one of the most beautiful cities you can visit. These places in Budapest are just a sample of everything you can see and do in it.

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