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Do you know how long the longest annular eclipse of the millennium lasted?

Leaving aside the tragic news, we must meditate on the good things that happen on the planet. Well, many of us did not even know that on Friday, January 15, the longest annular eclipse of the millennium was seen. How long did it last? What is the annular eclipse?


Well, the longest annular solar eclipse of the millennium has lasted more than eleven minutes and could be seen this Friday from most of the countries of Southeast Asia and Africa. The phenomenon, which happens when the moon stands between the earth and the sun without completely covering the star and drawing a ring of light in the sky.


It has been the longest of the annular type that will be seen on Earth until December 23, 3043, since at its longest point, in the waters of the Indian Ocean, the ring of light lasted 11 minutes and 8 seconds.


This type of phenomenon takes place, in the same way as in total eclipses, when the Moon stands between the Earth and the Sun.


«The difference is that the Moon does not totally hide the solar disk. for being a little further from Earth than during a total eclipse. Total and annular eclipses occur almost every year (years without eclipses are rare). What is very rare is that an eclipse falls right where you live (the Earth is much larger than the shadow cast by the Moon)”, Antonio Mampaso, a researcher at the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC), explains to Europa Press.


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