Do you know the Electric Stripe? – Curious Planet

Many marine animals do amazing things for which humans need help from machines. They can generate electricity, light up in the dark, perform amazing tricks to escape predators, and create their own home.

Electric Stingray / Torpedo

The electric ray, also called torpedo ray or black stingray (they are an order of stingrays comprising 69 species in two families), fires discharges of electricity at prey and intruders. Some of them can generate up to 220 Volts, enough to knock out a human being.

An electrical stripe, after a few powerful discharges, can take several days to recharge the “cell battery” under your skin and discharge again. Some rays use low-voltage signals to locate their prey. Their diet is based on plankton or small invertebrate animals, which is why their teeth are less sharp than those of essentially carnivorous species. They reach a weight of 90 kg and a length of 1.5 m