Do you know which is the biggest spider in the world?

It’s about the giant tarantula. Although there are many giant spiders, however the largest of all is the gigantic Theraphosa blondii, the largest in the world, also known as Mygala. You can reach 28 or 30 cm between the ends of its legs extended and weigh more than 100 grams.

Giant Tatarantula

Females take about three years to mature and can live up to 14. Like other family members and close families they have a hairy bodyand those hairs, which are irritating, act as a defense.

They are aggressive and make a hissing noise. (stridulation) when approaching a potential enemy. Its venom, like that of other American tarantulas, is not very powerful. They feed on a variety of animals, including small vertebrates such as lizards and mice.

It lives in the jungles of Brazil and Venezuela, where the Yanomami capture and eat them. More than hunger, this is a rite based on the belief —very widespread in various ethnic groups— that eating it acquires the virtues of the animal eaten, in this case its bravery and strength.

As an initiation as hunters, the youngsters put their courage to the test, having to take the poisonous tarantula out of the cave to wrap it alive in a palm leaf, where they transport it to the camp to eat it, once the dangerous little hairs have been burned and roasted. . Apparently its taste should not be very unpleasant.