Ecuador’s objectives in terms of tourism

Ecuador has set a series of objectives to carry out throughout 2019, to improve tourism and offer better services to travelers.

Ecuador It is a South American country that is gaining popularity internationally and is a high-level tourist destination for many couples and families, which is why it is establishing itself as one of the great possibilities to enjoy on vacation, thanks to its many gastronomic, cultural, and cultural attractions. and historical. Charms such as the Cocoa Routes are very interesting incentives for travelers.

This year 2019 from Ecuador they have proposed to carry out a series of objectives or milestones so that the tourism sector can advance at a good pace, at least it is what is intended from the Ministry of Tourism. It is important to popularize lesser-known destinations, offer tourists the best services and make more people want to take a trip.

One of those goals to achieve starting this year is a new Organic Law of Tourismimportant to be able to update some aspects and that it adapts to the needs of tourists but also to the rights of citizens, in this case of Ecuador.

More objectives for Ecuador

It is important to highlight that another objective will be a new strategy for the promotion in Ecuadorwith the objective of bringing the country’s incentives to the main markets so that potential tourists can get to know this tourist destination, help themselves with new technologies and thus be able to attract new investments.

On the other hand, the objective of strengthening internal tourism so that more Ecuadorians get to know their own country and discover big cities, is something essential that is intended to be done in 2019. Change the imagotype It will be essential to give a different air to the Country Brand of Ecuador and make it more attractive for future travelers who choose this place.

The project will be important Magic towns for which it already has a series of candidate places such as Cotacahi, Alausí, Patate, Zaruma, Mira, Montufar, Macará, Nono, San Miguel de los Bancos – Mindo and carrying out projects in the Pacific Riviera in different destinations to promote tourism in this area.

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