Egypt presents its new tourism strategy

Egypt plans several actions to encourage tourist visits throughout 2022 and boost visitor spending with new attractions.

Traveling to Egypt is always a pleasure, but to face the year 2022 and face the return of international tourism, has developed a new tourism strategy to attract the attention of visitors who choose the country for their vacations. The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (MoMA) has designed this strategy to make it much more interesting to discover this country and its many benefits.

During the year 2021, several events have been held aimed at drawing the attention of international tourism and putting their destination back on the vacation map. patrimonial and historical offer. “The Pharoahs’ Golden Parade” Y “Luxor…Sphinx Avenue» have been two of those events that anticipate everything that has been prepared for this spectacular year.

Vision 2030

The 2030 project aims to offer a modern and up-to-date vision of tourist services. In addition, the concept of sustainability has been incorporated, which makes it much friendlier than it has been up to now. Optimize the use of tourist, natural, human and archaeological resources, through the promotion of the tourism sector and offer the infrastructure to enjoy this tourist experience are other objectives of the project Vision 2030.

you want to work in new archaeological excavations and preserve those that already exist. In this way, they also want to attract local tourism and promote international tourism. So that visitors both Egyptian and international are well cared for, there will also be an impact on the training of tourism workers.

Finally, Egypt wants to promote various tourism products to satisfy all tourists. Since the next inauguration of the new Grand Egyptian Museum to other archaeological elements, everything is prepared so that from 2022 it will return to pre-COVID tourism levels.

In addition, they establish air routes between the cities of the Nile Valley and the Red Sea. An example is the weekly route linking Sharm El-Sheikh and Luxor and others that will open soon to establish a practical air bridge between the Red Sea area and the main tourist areas of the country, Upper Egypt.

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