Egypt: the citadel of the Shiwa oasis

In one of the most isolated regions of Egypt, the ruins of a collapsed mud citadel dominate a desert landscape dotted only by a palm-fringed oasis.

We are in Siwa, a town in the Libyan desert. The place hides ancient stories linked to trade and Siwa’s historical position as a secluded and isolated place: some legends tell that King Cambyses II of Persia (524 BC) sent an army of 50,000 soldiers to attack the oasis population, but disappeared swallowed by the sand. The oasis was also used by the Romans to house the exiles, and it is a place that remained extremely isolated until 1792, the year of contact by a European to contemplate the ancient temple of the oracle. Undoubtedly the most striking is the medieval fortress of Siwa, a city modeled with the clay of the place, and demolished by the rains that hit the place in the 19th century.

In the place you can also visit historical sites such as the ruins of the Temple of the Oracle, the “Mountain of the Dead”, the hot springs known as “Cleopatra’s baths”, and the old medieval fortress of Siwa.

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