Emblematic points to enjoy in Romania

Romania offers us a series of emblematic places that we can visit during our next trip as a couple or as a family and enjoy them.

Inside of Brasov city in Romania we can meet the famous Peles Castle, one of the most popular since it used to be the summer residence of the kings of Romania. Today it is a quite interesting museum in the Transylvania area, allowing to know different ornamental objects, tapestries, sculptures, paintings, ancient weapons, furnitureamong others that can be discovered throughout the visit.

A very appealing visit within Romania is the bran castlealso known as Dracula’s Castle and owes its fame largely to the 19th century Bram Stoker novel and later with the different films that have been made about it. This has been generating great interest among travelers and has been one of the reasons to travel to Romaniaalthough there are other proposals that are also worth highlighting.

Points of interest in Romania

You can take advantage of the trip knowing some of the gems of romanian architecture inside of Prejmer city. Its fortified church is very interesting and is preserved in excellent condition. It is of great importance, among other things because many of the jerusalem churches They were inspired by it and that is why they have a great charm.

Another of the stops is the one that can be made at the Hunyad castlean interesting fortress that dates back to the 14th century and today is one of the most emblematic medieval castles and largest in all of Romania, so it should be taken into account.

On the other hand, we find proposals to be able to discover natural areas and practice some outdoor activities and sports. The hiking in the Carpathians could be one of the proposals so that the travelers discover the natural part of Romania. The variety of trails allows for a variety of very interesting walks, the possibility of enjoying fortresses and monasteries of the surroundings, are alternatives to take into account when undertaking a trip through Romania.

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