Enjoy a boat ride

One of the most relaxing activities at any time of the year is to take a boat trip. Enjoying the sea and the breeze is a moment of disconnection that will make you forget about any worries and connect with the present. To be able to live this experience it is not necessary to own a boat, since currently renting a boat is cheaper than you think.

If you want to enjoy a boat, you will not have to make a large outlay either in the acquisition or in its maintenance, just rent the boat when you feel like it. In addition, you will be able to know the different models and sizes of boats that are available, since in Globalsailor you have a great variety at your disposal: sailboats, motorboats, etc.

What is needed to rent a boat?

Depending on the country where you want to sail, you will need some requirements, but in almost all destinations it is necessary to have a license to sail without a skipper. In some cases, such as sailboats or catamarans, only some nautical experience is required.

In the event that you do not have a license or experience, do not worry, since you can rent a boat by hiring the services of a skipper. In this way you can relax to the maximum, since you will not have to deal with driving the boat.

5 activities you can do on a boat

Boat trips are one unforgetable experience to enjoy your holidays both with family and friends and the locations to carry it out are very numerous, so you only have to choose which country you want to sail in.

So that you are more clear about everything you can do on board a boat, we are going to give you some ideas that you are going to love.

Water activities

If you feel like a bit of movement, you can take advantage of the boat trip to play sports, don’t hesitate. You can enjoy activities such as scuba diving, paddle surfing, water skiing, canoeing, kayaking or swimming in crystal clear waters. Diving under the sea is a practice with which you will live incredible sensations, since you will discover all the biodiversity that is hidden under the waves, a unique marine fauna and flora.

Relax and sunbathe

You can relax to the rhythm of the waves and sunbathe waiting for the sunset to arrive. On board a boat you can get close to the best beaches and coves without worrying about crowds in the summer months. You will be able to disconnect from the rest of the world and enjoy the sea breeze while contemplating the best sunsets. After breathing the pure sea air and feeling the harmony of nature, you will feel your batteries recharge.

party on board

It is not necessary to celebrate any special date to have a party on a boat, just the desire to have fun in a privileged environment. A little music, drink, food, friends and the fun will take care of itself. It will be an unforgettable party that will remain in the memory of all attendees as one of the best moments of their lives.