Enjoy a literary route through Dublin

Dublin has a thousand ways to be visited: you can see its monuments, it is possible to enjoy its pubs, discover the traces of how the country achieved independence or discover the factories of the most international products in Ireland. But there are still more ways to visit the Irish capital, and one of them is to take a literary route through Dublin.

A literary route through Dublin, or several

Dublin’s literary heritage is vast. For this reason, there is not only one literary route, but there are several. There are cities like the beautiful English city of Bath, which has a literary route centered on a single writer: Jane Austen. However, in the case of Dublin there are several writers who can be followed.

In the city we can learn about the life and work of Jonathan Swift, Bram Stoke, James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett, Patrick Kavanagh and many more.

But not only that, Dublin, as one of the most attractive literary settings in the world, also offers the possibility of visiting ancient libraries, bookstores full of publications or literary museums. In one of these museums we will begin our proposal.

Dublin Writers Museum

As our literary route through Dublin is going to jump through different writers related to the city, the best place to start it has to be the Dublin Writers’ Museum, located in the central O’Connell Street. It is the best place to delve into this richness of the capital and amaze us with the number of writers he has inspired.

A writer for each literary route through Dublin

1. James Joyce

Possibly, of all these writers, the most linked to Dublin is James Joyce, since has works like Dubliners or your famous Ulysses that are only understandable here.

And the traces of the writer in his Dublin are countless. It can be seen from the statue of him on Earl Street to the James Joyce Cultural Center, through the plaque that reminds him of him on the O’Connell Bridge or the pubs that he frequented, like the Davy Byrne.

2. W. B. Yeats

In fact, there is a whole route of pubs literary by Dublin. And that tour also includes Toner’s, which was the only pub where the famous poet WB Yeats used to go when he spent time in the city. But back to our literary route, which includes a visit to the headquarters of the National Theatre, the Abbey, an institution founded by Yeats himself in 1904.

3.Jonathan Swift

Another author to mention is the creator of Gulliver and his travels. As well, we will pay tribute to Jonathan Swift by visiting the monumental St. Patrick’s Cathedralwhere his tomb is and where he served a few years as dean, combining his literary creation with his services as a religious.

4. Patrick Kavanagh

Poet and novelist Patrick Kavanagh is one of the city’s most beloved authors. Although he was not born in Dublin, he was adopted by the capital after many years of living here. So, you can discover his statue near the Baggot Street Bridge, where it was usual to see him walk. Just as it was normal to see him having a coffee at Bewley’s on Grafton Street, a beautiful establishment.

5. Oscar Wilde

Once in Grafton Street, you can walk through this area of ​​Dublin to reach Merrion Square Park. There is one of the most charming sculptures of Dublin writers, that of Oscar Wilde. You can also visit his birthplacetowards which the man of letters is supposed to direct his gaze, leaning naturally on a rock.

6. More protagonists of a literary route through Dublin

We could write more and more about the rest of the writers related to Dublin. Highlights, for example, Bram Stoker, author who was inspired by the distant Transylvania in Romania to write his dracula. Or we could also mention George Bernard Shaw, the first creator who received both the Nobel Prize for Literature and an Oscar as a screenwriter.

Y we would also talk about Brendan Behan, Flann O’Brian or Samuel Beckett, another Nobel laureate from Dublin. In other words, as we said at the beginning, in Dublin there is no literary route, there are several so that everyone can make their own.

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