Enjoy an ancient palace in the Bay of Kotor

In Montenegro it is possible to enjoy the Iberostar Grand Perast, an old palace that has become one of its icons.

In different corners of the world there are alternatives to stay and enjoy an experience that is well worth it. Iberostar offers us the chance to stay in an excellent ancient palace in Montenegro, ideal for couples to have the opportunity to spend a spectacular vacation.

The Iberostar Grand Perast is an excellent palace to enjoy the best experienceIn this sense, the new option is to stay in the Iberostar Grand Perast, which is located in the famous Bay of Kotor in Montenegro. This is a very interesting hotel as it is an old palace dating from the 18th century and undoubtedly allows couples to spend different nights during their vacations.

Having the opportunity to stay in an old palace is not something that is available to all tourists and therefore it is something different to enjoy on vacation. It is an area that had a great impact thanks to its location within the Balkans. This prestigious hotel can become one of the great attractions for tourists.

Stay in a castle

It is located in an area from where you can see very attractive views and the palace It is ideal for all couples to spend a different vacation. The smekja family She was the owner of this construction for a long time and her stories still attract the attention of travelers.

Inside this hotel, clients will be able to taste different typical gastronomic proposals of the Mediterranean, which is something they usually look for. Those flavors of the area together with the good service, are going to be interesting factors so that the experience of couples is as incredible and unforgettable as possible.

It is one of the most interesting destinations in Europe for a very complete and suggestive trip. offers a rich historical-cultural heritage that must be known throughout the holidays, as well as natural areas that are very attractive to all travelers.

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