Enjoy an exclusive Christmas in Miami

It is a perfect city to enjoy a vacation at any time of the year, but doing so on Christmas dates will be an experience on another level. On this occasion, we want to talk to you about how to spend an exclusive Christmas in Miami. Are you interested? Surely yes! So let’s go together.

A Christmas in Miami is always a great idea

You know what Christmas is a very important holiday for Americans, and it is also in Miami. The streets are filled with lights, the shops with people and the Christmas atmosphere is breathed in every corner.

The city is filled with magic, it is transformed into something special that you can also enjoy. These are some of the activities that take place in Miami at Christmas:

Miami City Hall

This is the most important square in the city and a meeting point for everyone who lives there. At Christmas this place becomes a fairytale setting, where the lights and its impressive tree are the main protagonists.

It is here that the welcome to Christmas takes place. The lighting of the lights in this square marks the starting signal for the Christmas celebrations. Without a doubt, this is the first show you should see if you spend Christmas in Miami. It takes place the first Saturday of December after 6:00 p.m.

“Christmas waves a magic wand over the world, and that’s why everything is softer and more beautiful.”

-Norman Vincent Peale-

Santa’s Echanted Forest

It is the well-known forest of Santa Claus. A space for children and adults, although it will be the smallest of the house who will enjoy the beautiful. There are workshops and activities designed especially for them where they can interact with Santa Claus himself, as well as delve even deeper into these endearing holidays.

It is located within the well-known Tropical Park amusement park. The visit is included with the entrance to the park, which, although it is not cheap, allows you to enjoy endless attractions.


This is one of the most anticipated events for all the residents of Miami. It takes place on December 15 thousands of tourists flock to it.

It is a parade of boats and yachts that are decorated with Christmas lights for the occasion, each more beautiful. It is a delight to stop to observe each one of them and choose a favorite one.

But it’s not just about looking from afar. There are some where it is allowed, for a small fee, to climb and enjoy a little walk while having a drink or a cocktail.

A Christmas on the beach

If something stands out in Miami, it is its beaches, as well as its wonderful climate. If you want to take a bath in the sea at Christmas, in Miami you can do it. This is a city full of magic where dreams come true. You will even see some beaches where the lifeguard booths also have Christmas decorations.

enjoy the restaurants

The happy and crowded atmosphere is guaranteed in Miami at these parties. And as the weather accompanies, it is possible to enjoy the terraces of the restaurants and of the good food that they serve on these important days.

Although it is true that Christmas Eve is a family day, there are many restaurants that offer a special menu with cocktails and dancing so you can live Christmas from a different point of view than the one you are used to.

go from shopping

Buying is one of the most used verbs in this city, and at Christmas you can find many offers that you should take advantage of. We especially talk about clothing, which is of excellent quality and you will find it at very low prices in its shopping centers.

go marching

The nightclubs and trendy venues in Miami are even more special on these dates. If you go with children, this would be a problem, but if you have the opportunity to spend one or more nights out, don’t hesitate, because In this city you will find the atmosphere and the party you were looking for.

As you see, Spending an exclusive Christmas in Miami is a great idea to enjoy the holidays and the city at the same time, when it is dressed in colored lights and Christmas details.

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