Enjoy Berlin and its surroundings on these holidays

If this vacation you have decided to travel to the German capital, pay attention. We show you the best plans to enjoy Berlin and its surroundings. Get ready to spend some unforgettable days, with many interesting activities and visits. Ready to start the adventure?

How to get the most out of Berlin and its surroundings

Our first stop is the capital, Berlin. A city that can be seen at different rates, it all depends on the time you have. Depending on your plans, you can see more or less, although there are some essential stops.

brandenburg gate

You cannot miss the Brandenburg Gate, one of the symbols of the city. It is located on Pariser Platz, at the end of Unter den Linden, the most important street in Berlin. Don’t miss it both day and night!

Of course, you must visit the cathedral, on the banks of the river Spree and famous for its green dome. And, if you want to fully understand the history of Berlin, you can’t miss the East Side Gallerya part of the old Wall transformed into an open-air art gallery.

We continue with the story. The Holocaust Memorial recalls the horrors of the Nazi regime and pay homage to their victims. Meanwhile, the remains of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church stand as a reminder of the city’s destruction during World War II.

By last, don’t forget to visit the Reichstag building, the National Monument to Bismark or the Victory Column, located in the Tiergarten park. And much more!

What to see beyond Berlin?

As you have seen, in the capital of Germany you can do and see many things, and everything depends on your time. But beyond, there are many more places you must see and that will make you remember Berlin and its surroundings forever. What places are these? Look at them!

1. Sachsenhausen concentration camp

Sachsenhausen concentration camp

Perhaps on your trip to Germany you want to know in depth the history of Berlin and its surroundings. A good place to start and delve into World War II is this concentration camp. A space of horror and tragedy today dedicated to memory and denunciation.


It began to function in 1936 as a prison for political prisoners. However, little by little it was taking in Jews and citizens of the east who were subjected to harsh medical experiments.

You can visit some buildings and an exhibition of objects that are preserved from those years. The most advisable thing is to do the visit with a guide who explains everything thoroughly.

You can get to this concentration camp either by public transport or by car, since it only takes an hour. Another concentration camp located 90 kilometers from Berlin is the Ravensbück camp..

2. Visit Potsdam

Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam

Potsdam is another must-see if you want to continue enjoying Berlin and its surroundings. It is a city of great architectural beautySo much so that many of its buildings are World Heritage Sites. Getting there is very simple, from Berlin it only takes 20 minutes by train

The city began to grow from the seventeenth century, when Frederick William I chose it as his place of residence when he went hunting. Today everyone can enjoy the beauty of its monuments and gardens.

We recommend that you start your visit in the Alexandrowka neighborhood, the Weberviertel and the Dutch quarter. Later, direct your steps to Sanssouci Park, Beldevere Palace, the Babelsberg palace… How to see all this? With plenty of time and comfortable shoes!

3. Towns near Berlin

Canal in Rahnsford – Pascal Volk /

berlin and its surroundings hide countless wonderful corners, and some of them have the shape of authentic fairytale towns. One of the most beautiful towns is Rahnsdorf, which is compared to Venice. Why? Because of the network of canals that surround it thanks to the Müggelsee lake!

If you are looking for a quieter option where you can walk around enjoying the charms of Germany, this is a good place. But also you have other towns, like Meissen, Lübben, Quedlinburg, Wernigerode… Where to start? Decide for yourself!

As you see, Berlin and its surroundings have enough attractions for you to organize a long getaway. Trips like this are only done once and are always remembered. So now you know: camera, comfortable clothes, curiosity and interest in history… Enjoy it!

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