Enjoy Lisbon with these 5 recommendations

The capital of Portugal is a fantastic city for sightseeing. It is one of those cities that falls in love at first sight. Its charm, its seven hills, fado and its gastronomy will hook you to the point that you will want to return again and again. Enjoy Lisbon with these recommendations, it will be an experience worth repeating.

Enjoy Lisbon and its charm

1. Get to know the city wandering around

Commerce Square – Dennis van de Water

One of the best ways to get to know Lisbon is to walk its streets to discover the infinity of charming corners it has. Walking the streets you will come across the Plaza del Comercio, the cathedral, the Chiado Museum, the Santa Justa elevator, the Alfama neighborhood, Belém, the São Jorge castle, the Jerónimos Monastery and much more.

Enjoy Lisbon getting lost in its streets, they will always leave a good taste in your mouth. The historic center of the city is fantastic to be explored on foot. And to end the day, you can taste a good coffee or a traditional sweet in one of its beautiful cafes.

Remember to wear comfortable shoes, as there are quite a few hills. Also, the streets of Lisbon are paved with small cobblestones traditional in Portugal, so it is not recommended to wear heels or uncomfortable shoes.

2. Get on the Lisbon trams

Lisbon Tram – Dennis van de Water

Trams have become icons in Lisbon. One of the most enjoyed tourist activities is to climb them and tour the city. Tram route 28 has become the most touristic, as it runs through places like the Alfama neighborhood, Baixa and Chiado.

When you are on board the tram, try not to miss anything on the route. This route runs through the most beautiful and well-known areas of the Portuguese capital. If you want to avoid the crowds, we advise you to take the route very early or in the late afternoon.

3. Get to know the city from its viewpoints

Lisbon – Sean Pavone

Discover Lisbon from above, you will be moved. The city has several viewpoints that offer wonderful views that no traveler should miss. There are some better known than others, then we will tell you which are the essential viewpoints.

  • Porta do Sol viewpoint. This place offers the best views of Lisbon and the Alfama neighborhood.
  • Santa Lucia viewpoint. It is very close to the Porta do Sol viewpoint. Although the views are not that impressive, it has a beautiful garden perfect for resting after the walk.
  • Castle of San Jorge. Although it is not exactly a viewpoint, you still get fabulous views of Lisbon. Being the highest point of the old city, the panorama is really impressive.


“On seven hills, which are as many observation points from where you can enjoy the most splendid panoramas, the vast, irregular and colorful mass of houses that constitutes Lisbon is spread.”

-Fernando Pessoa-

4. Enjoy your night activity

Plaza del Rocío – Mapics

If you like partying and night activities, Lisbon will not disappoint you. To enjoy it to the fullest, you can head to the Bairro Alto, the heart of Lisbon’s nightlife. If you are looking for alternative and trendy bars, go to the Bica neighborhood and around Príncipe Real there are the lively places.

If you prefer more traditional fun, in the Parque das Naçoes there are bars and nightclubs for those over 30. The port area of ​​Belém e Docas has become one of the fashionable neighborhoods for the night. Other interesting places are Santos and Cais do Sodré, full of young people and many tourists. Irish-style bars predominate in this place.

5. Enjoy its gastronomy

Pastéis de Belém – Sabino Parente

A visit to Portugal is not complete without enjoying the country’s spectacular gastronomy. There are delicious dishes and countless restaurants that offer them. Their meals are based on soups, meats, cheeses and fish.. Nothing like tasting a green broth, a shellfish accord, cod with presumptive or a cod stew.

If after eating you fancy a dessert, you can order an arroz doce, which is the typical rice pudding. Y enjoy Lisbon tasting the pastéis de Belém, the most traditional sweets and city acquaintances whose secret recipe is over 200 years old.

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