Enjoy the light shows of Singapore

The contemplation of the light shows of Singapore is one of the most intense memories that take most of the tourists who come to this fascinating Asian city. It is one of those places where it seems that the future has already arrived in the form of great buildings and shows where emotions and the most avant-garde technology go hand in hand to leave us speechless.

The development of Singapore

Today, the Singaporean island city-state is one of the most vibrant cities in Asia. It is a territory that has experienced unprecedented economic development. And it can be said that he has experienced it in a short period of time between the 19th and 21st centuries.

And, as occurs in other places in the world with such development and economic power, such as Dubai or Doha, here too they have made a commitment to attract visitors thanks to the most modern infrastructures and tourist attractions. That’s where Singapore’s best light shows come in.

In fact, this type of shows audiovisuals are very much to Asian taste. It is enough to remember the fantastic symphony of light, color and sound that is experienced every afternoon on the famous Hong Kong skyline.

Although, to be fair, these types of attractions can be seen all over the world, from Las Vegas to the Montjuïc fountains in Barcelona. However, few have the quality of Singapore’s light shows.

The best light shows in Singapore

The Gardens by the Bay

For many of the tourists, the Show audiovisual that is seen every afternoon of the year in the Gardens by the Bay it is the best of singapore light shows. And even the gardens in their entirety, day or night, are regarded as one of the biggest draws for travelers on their Singapore holidays.

The most emblematic of the Gardens by the Bay are its giant trees. They are trees up to 50 meters high that, in reality, are metal and concrete structures covered by climbing plants. But in addition, also in its upper part there are powerful photovoltaic panels that accumulate all the energy necessary for the night show.

At sunset, these trees begin to radiate light, music and incredible special effects. Thousands of visitors can contemplate it at the same time, both sitting and lying in the green areas of the gardens and on its famous elevated walkway. Without a doubt, one of the best light shows in Singapore and, in fact, in the entire world.

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Another very attractive place to watch the Gardens by the Bay night show from above is the terrace of the Marina Bay Sands hotel. It is famous for its amazing infinity pool on the roof of the building.

As well, the facade of the hotel itself also hosts another of Singapore’s most famous light shows. On it is projected a Show full of technology and also art.

Super-powerful beams of light, laser beams, a shocking sound and even water are integrated into this artistic event that, free of charge, can be seen every night from almost anywhere in state-of-the-art Singapore Harbor. It has the advantage that, if you watch several days from different locations, you can enjoy varied and always attractive perspectives.

Merlion Park, one of Singapore’s light shows

The two most famous Singapore light shows are the ones we have mentioned above. Are two shows with a continuous schedule. But there is another much longer light show that you cannot miss while on this island in Southeast Asia. It is the sight of skyline of the bay at night.

And much better if it is done from the Merlion park. Here is the mythological figure with the body of a fish and the head of a lion that symbolizes the past and present of this country. From there you can see the Marina Bay itself illuminated, but also other majestic buildings, such as the incredible Esplanade Opera House.

In short, a view that, even if it is a still photo or postcard, without a doubt, we can consider it one of the great light shows of Singapore.

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