Enjoy with the incredible city of La Paz in Bolivia

In La Paz we can find a series of unique attractions such as national parks, lakes, markets and also interesting museums to visit.

In South America we can enjoy a wide variety of proposals that offer tourists the possibility of making a fairly complete and highly suggestive trip. Among these places it is important to highlight the city of La Paz, one of the classic Bolivian destinationspopular for being located at a high altitude and offering great options.

Throughout our tour of this area we came across the Madidi National Park and Integrated Management Natural Area, an area with a multitude of species where you can enjoy unique landscapes and well-differentiated eco-regions. Bird watching and hiking are more than feasible options for visitors to this place.

A charming place at a natural level is the lake titikaka, which allows you to enjoy a unique and pleasant site. It is a completely navigable lake and it is one of those magical corners where you can enjoy a unique tranquility.

There are a series of viewpoints from where you can see truly unique and privileged views of Peace. Among the most outstanding we can comment on J’acha Kollo where Andean ceremonies are also usually carried out by the indigenous people, in addition to the Sallahumani where you can see a female figure in stone or the Mound.

Go shopping for the Craft Markets of La Paz is another of the interesting proposals for travelers to learn more about this great city. In addition to typical products made in these markets, you can find different crafts made of wood, metal, clothing, among other items to consider.

One of the recommendations is National Art’s Museum since it is one of the most interesting. It is located inside the Palacio Diez de Medina, which is one of the historical buildings. You can see a wide variety of paintings by the painter Melchor Pérez de Holguín and the Peruvian Gregorio Gamarra, among other works of art in this beautiful palace.

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